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What happens during the Suggestopedic lessons?

The activities are largely varying, with lots of laughter, surprises and twists. What do we do? We talk about different topics, we joke, read, listen to classical music, translate, learn through play, dance, act out everyday situations, sing and laugh. You are free to join or just watchevery activity…

The work on each unit includes 4 stages distributed over a few days: artistic introduction by the teacher, concert session, elaboration and presentation by the students. More about the process and what to expect from the course you can find out during the interview with the teacher before signing up for the course. Sign up for an interview.

What is the format of the foreign language courses?

Basically, the courses are 5 weeks, intensive, every day from Monday to Friday for 4 study hours (45 minutes). The activities are organized in 2 parts, 1 hour and 30 minuteseach, with a 30-minute pause between them. For best results, it is important to be on time and attend classes regularly. There are also 8-week courses, which cover the higher levels, twice or three times a week.

How big are the groups?

The groups of our courses for adults are up to 12 people. Groups of 4 to 6 students follow an individual program.

What time are the courses?

The morning group begins at 9:00 am and ends at 12:30, the evening group begins at 6:30 pm and ends at 22:00. We invite you to check the calendar for the particular course you are interested in.

What textbooks do we study?

We use specially developed Suggestopedical textbooks in the relevant language with reproductions by well-known artists of the respective nationality. The teacher prepares and distributes additional song lyrics and other supporting material at his / her discretion.

Do we write in class?

The first part of the language courses is focused on developingthe skills of speaking, reading and understanding. You don’twrite intensively during the course, but it is good to have a pencil / pen to take notes in the textbook. If you wish, you can take a notebook for additional notes.

Is there any homework?

There is no standard homework. Periodically, you will need to think of a short story to presentorally in the course.

What should I have on the first day of the course?

A smile, a pair of slippers, a pencil or a pen for taking notes.

I’m pretty tired after work. Will I be able to study in such a state?

Not only don’tSuggestopedic activities tire one,but they lead to rest. If you come tired of work, the course will help you relax and refresh. If you attend a morning course, it will charge you with good mood and inspiration for the whole day.

What language levels are taught through the method of Suggestopedia?

  • Beginners – Pre-Intermediate – textbook: The Return / 1-5 chapter /
  • Pre-Intermediate – Intermediate– textbook: The Return / 1-9 Chapter /
  • Intermediate – Upper-Intermediate textbook: Exploring Worlds of Wonder
  • Upper-Intermediate – Advanced textbook: London Tales

The first two levels are mainly communicative and focus on developing the skills of reading and listening comprehension, speaking and translation from English into Bulgarian and vice versa. Spelling or writing skills are not elaborated but it is a good idea to have a pen, so that you can take notes in the textbook.

The next two levels include writing skills too –story telling, retelling, different writing formats and translation.

As a whole,these are the principles for the other languages, too. For detailed information on the language you are interested in, we encourage you to contact us.

Which levels of the Common European Framework of Reference (CERF) coverthe foreign language courses for adults?

The first Suggestopedic Level (first textbook) covers material equivalent to A1 and A2 of the CERF, and may reach B1, depending on the starting level.

The second Suggestopedic level covers material equal to A2 and B1 of the CERF, reaching B2.

The third Suggestopedic level covers material equal to B1 – B2 of the CERF and

The fourth Suggestopedic level covers material equal to B2 – C1 of the CERF.

For your language level to be definedby CERF, you need to take the respective standardized test.

Will I get a certificate at the end of the course?

At the end of your successfully completed course, you will receive a certificate from the Center for Classical SuggestopediaVihrovenia.

If you have any other questions, please ask us here.

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