Social project

Hummingbird Heart

Led by the vocation to spread Dr. Lozanov’s work to as many people in Bulgaria as possible, Vihrovenia is developing a social project – Hummingbird Heart. Through it we support children and adults, our friends and disadvantaged people, so that they have the opportunity to experience the Suggestopedic teaching. It is also aimed at developing Suggestopedia as a learning method.

Thanks to you and your participation in our courses, events, trainings and activities – both for children and adults – we at Vihrovenia Center of Classical Suggestopedia are collecting funds for various causes within the Hummingbird Heart social project.

Hummingbird Heart also aims to develop Suggestopedia as science, to support teachers in developing textbooks, materials and training programs, as well as to organize cultural and educational events in order to popularize and develop the method.

The project also supports people, ideas and events attuned to our vision and values.

Thank you with all of our hearts! 🙂

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