Bulgarian for Foreigners

„Bulgarian is not difficult. The Bulgarian language is melodious, chanting, pleasant”
from “She is from Bulgaria, he – an Ocean” by Vanina Bodurova

What brought you to this ancient land? Your business? A Bulgarian spouse? Do you know how to tell someone that you like him/her? Have you told your beloved “I love you” in their native language? Are you ready to explore Bulgaria through its language? If the answer is yes, you are welcome to Vihrovenia Centre for Classical Suggestopedia. Learn Bulgarian language with an innovative method of study.

Suggestopedia is a pedagogical system, recognized by UNESCO as a superior method of education as early as the 1970’s. The method is based on revealing of our deep inner reserves of learning ability and creativity that each person possesses. It was created and developed by Prof. Dr. Georgi Lozanov, a Bulgarian scientist, neurologist, psychiatrist, psychologist, and educator. The Suggestopedia methods provide higher results compared to the traditional forms of learning, without stress, tension or homework.

Our Bulgarian for foreigners will easily introduce you to the Bulgarian language and the Cyrillic alphabet. You’ll start speak Bulgarian spontaneously with an effect of relaxation and joy.

Vihrovenia is one of the first centers for Classic Suggestopedia in Bulgaria. Established in 2012 following the work of “Prof. Dr. Georgi Lozanov and Prof. Dr. Evelina Gateva” Foundation. Vihrovenia is dedicated to practicing, developing and disseminating all the achievements in the suggestopedic field. All of our teachers are Suggestopedagogues certified by the Foundation. It is the only organization in Bulgaria which is authorized to train teachers and to issue a certificate for practice.

Why Bulgarian for foreigners with Suggestopedia?

  • To know more. Between 2000-2500 lexical units are introduced within 100 study hours over 5 weeks in Bulgarian language courses. Such material is 3-5 times larger compared to the traditional methods of education.
  • To be able to do more. The tools of Suggestopedia allow the introduced vocabulary to be memorized for a longer time. Positive attitude and skills for free communication are built. Students gain self-confidence in their abilities. The exact results vary individually but most of our students speak Bulgarian at the end of the first level of training.
  • To learn Bulgarian language better. Getting into the depths of the language is so natural and easy. The language barrier and fear of making a mistake are overcome almost instantly.
  • To smile more. Our lessons in Bulgarian are charged with positive emotions and conducted in an artistic environment.
  • Time for more. There is no homework. Students are only engaged in their classroom.


  • You speak Bulgarian in a 5 weeks! It has been proven that people use about 1,000 words in their everyday life.  With the methods of Suggestopedia, this result is attainable for five weeks! Grammar is absorbed immediately, as part of the “living” language.
  • The good balance of the techniques used in every training session leads to a state of relaxation and positive experiences. Suggestopedia has a Therapeutic effect. It overcomes stress and fatigue.
  • Your creativity is set free and the hidden abilities of each person are explored.

The individual achievements are recognized by a final test.

Club Vihrovenia – Talk Bulgarian Easily

This Bulgarian for foreigners course is designed for those who have already taken suggestopedic courses or for people who would simply like to improve their communication skills in Bulgarian.

The weekly meetings will add new vocabulary, will activate your communication and will help you to learn Bulgarian language better. We also present interesting facts from Bulgarian history and culture.

With the tools of suggestopedia you will upgrade your knowledge of the language with joy and delight, in an environment of sharing and with the effect of relaxation.

During the course you will be able to enjoy listening to literary pieces in Bulgarian by Bulgarian as well as by many foreign authors.

26.11 2018

Bulgarian for Foreigners – Beginners/Intermediate

6:30 pm – 10:00 pm During the Suggestopedic course “Bulgarian as a foreign language” you will be introduced to more than 2500 words – most commonly used in the daily […]

Violeta Kalapova
07.01 2019

Bulgarian As a Foreign Language – Beginners/Intermediate

6:30 pm- 10:00 pm During the Suggestopedic course “Bulgarian as a foreign language” you will be introduced to more than 2500 words – most commonly used in the daily life. […]

Violeta Kalapova
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